Editor’s Note: The following article on “workampers” appeared as part of the TODAY Show’s #StartTODAY series.

A lot of people in their 50s, 60s and 70s are downsizing for the future and embracing a new concept called “workamping.”

Here’s what “workampers” are not: They are not a merry band of retirees who trade work simply for a parking space for their RV.

Here’s what they are: Anyone who combines part or full-time work with an RV lifestyle. In general, they get paid in two ways: They trade labor for a place to park their RVs, but they also earn minimum wage (sometimes more) for working in theme parks, campgrounds, national parks, dude ranches, at spring training — wherever seasonal work takes them. And while some “workampers” are working in retirement, others are in their mid-50s (the median age is 53) and haven’t retired at all.

Living in an RV, however, really requires you to downsize. What lessons can we learn about the right — and wrong — ways to do it? As part of the #StartTODAY series, we gathered the lessons of “workampers” and downsizing experts alike.

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