Richmond, Ind.-based Tom Raper RVs announced today (Jan. 28) the launch of campersweather.com, a new website especially for campers and outdoor enthusiasts featuring weather forecasts, current conditions and weather alerts.

According to a press release, the website, Facebook page, Twitter and a soon to be released mobile app are all free and also include live weather radar, up-to-the-minute weather maps and weather related news. To view the site click here.

“The weather is the one thing that all campers keep their eye on before and during their camping trip”, said Tom Raper RVs President Dave Bane. “We felt it important to provide this free service to all campers to help them in their planning and to make their outdoor experience safer and more enjoyable.”

Bane added, “Campers don’t always have access to traditional TV and radio or even electricity when outdoors, however, by using their smart phones, and other mobile devices, they can stay informed of the ever changing weather conditions and make plans accordingly.”

Weather forecasts and severe weather tracking is managed by Brandon Redmond, a professional weather forecaster who founded IndianaWeatherOnline.com in 1999. Redmond contributes his weather expertise to numerous media outlets around the Midwest as well.

During the initial launch of CampersWeather.com, custom weather information is available year-around for Indiana and Western Ohio with other regions accessing weather data provided by National Weather Service.

For additional information, contact Kurt Hunt at 765-966-8361.