Tom Raper RV’s hosted around 950 people and 450 rigs this past weekend as part of the Richmond, Ind., dealership’s 2005 Customer Appreciation Rally.
According to a report in the Palladium Item, the event filled up the Wayne County Fairgrounds, offering a variety of activities and entertainment for the retailer’s clientele.
Attendees said they enjoyed seeing new RV models, and appreciated the RV-specific programming, including a brake maintenance demonstration along with driving instruction.
This is the third time the rally has been held since Dave Bane took over as president and owner of Tom Raper RV’s. The rally was held for years while Tom Raper owned the company, but took a hiatus for a few years.
Sheril Ward, senior director of advertising, promotion and customer and public relations for the dealership, said the rally gives the company a chance to show its appreciation for its customer base.
The rally was held while Tom Raper RV’s, which also has a location in Fairfield, Ohio, is involved in relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Katrina. The dealer has solicited local communities for donations of supplies that are being packaged in RVs shipped to devastated areas along the Gulf Coast.