It’s too early to revise recently issued forecasts, according to spokesmen for Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. and Coachmen Industries Inc.

Both major RV manufacturers issued forecasts shortly before the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington on Tuesday (Sept. 11).

Fleetwood executives told investment analysts on Aug. 30 that they believed the company would operate at breakeven through the end of January and have a solidly profitable February-through-April period.

Fleetwood conducted its previously scheduled annual shareholders meeting in Riverside, Calif., on Tuesday, an occasion when forecasts about a company’s performance often are delivered. However, because of the tragic events on the East Coast, Fleetwood executives dispensed with their formal presentations and did not provide any impromptu comments about the possible impact on consumer psychology, according to spokeswoman Amy Harrison.

They only conducted the legally required election of directors, she added.

Meanwhile, Coachmen Chairman Claire Skinner issued a forecast early Tuesday that Coachmen would achieve breakeven or marginally profitable results for the full year 2001.

Coachmen spokesman Rich Allen said late Tuesday that it was “too early to tell” whether Skinner would need to revise her forecast.