Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.58.26 AMHauling toys — especially when your tow vehicle is already hooked up to a travel trailer or fifth-wheel — can be problematic. EverGreen RV’s Lifestyle Luxury RV division solves the problem with its Alfa Gold 3905SH without having to dedicate an entire rear garage. The “SH” signifies Side Hauler — a streetside slideout system that, in various configurations, can carry a motorcycle, convert into a storage room or mobile office, or create a “kid’s room” option with twin bunks, a wardrobe and TV. The full-sized HappiJac bunks are retractable to open up a 36-square-foot playroom inside the 40-foot, 4-inch fiver. The motorcycle garage option, however, turns heads. With an exclusive 8-foot-long lift system actuated by hard-wired remote, you simply strap the bike securely on the lift ramp which raises or lowers it into place. The Side Hauler is rated to carry 1,000 pounds, which has no effect on the fifth-wheel’s weight distribution because a longer, heavier slide housing the free-standing dinette, pantry and paired recliners counterbalances it on the curbside.