Regency RV’s Ultra Brougham B-plus

Luxury Class B motorhome builder Regency RV, a division of Wayne Davis Auto Group, announced that it has added Topper’s Camping Center in Waller, Texas, to its roster of dealers selling its new Ultra Brougham Class B-plus motorhome built on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis.

 “We are glad to see Regency RV expanding the line and making the right stuff that will bring us a lot of sales,” said Larry Troutt, general manager of Topper’s Camping Center. “Regency is increasing their offerings while sticking with their core values of fine craftsmanship and all they do that is extra from all the other manufacturers.”
Troutt added, “When we first toured the plant we knew the Ultra Brougham was coming down the pipeline and we are excited to see it happen. I like to buy local, home grown products and it’s a big deal for Texans. It’s another thing they can hang their hat on. Regency coaches hold up to the competition and look way better with a more reasonable MSRP.”
“When it comes to Regency RV dealers, Topper’s Camping Center is the perfect venue for our new Regency, Ultra Brougham Class B-plus motorhome,” said Dymon Farrer, national sales manager for Fort Worth, Texas-based Regency RV. “Toppers caters to many high-end buyers looking for something distinctive and different. At Regency, we don’t want to become the biggest in the Class B and Class B-plus market. Our goal is to become one of the best and we share this passion for excellence with Toppers.”
Topper’s Camping Center was founded in 1967 by Troutt’s grandfather and has been continuously operated by the three generations of family since. They are known as the oldest and one of the largest of the Houston/Harris County metropolitan area full-service dealerships.