Torklift International has launched its Retail Product Development Center (RPDC) in Kent, Wash., to continue its emphasis on new product development.

“The RPDC is a separate location from our manufacturing unit,” explained Torklift President Jack Kay in a press release. “It houses our engineering, design, marketing and technician teams. We actually meet with retail customers in person and talk with them about their various product needs and design custom products for their vehicle or RV. We even work with customers to develop all-new product lines that don’t exist on the market, and from there we mass produce them in our manufacturing unit.” 

New Product Development Director Darrel Hagglund has been overseeing the RPDC program since last spring. He began with Torklift in 2010 and has worked in various departments including sales and customer service. He was promoted to customer service director and now serves as new product development director. 

During his career he developed the PowerArmor DH, a locking battery box mass produced by Torklift. He has been in the RV and automotive industries for more than 30 years. 

Since executing the RPDC program several new product lines have been expedited to the market including the Cannon extension, a hitch extension that works with the three-inch receiver opening that comes standard on 2017-19 Ford Super-Duty trucks.

“What we are most excited about is the retail customer reaction of our RV step offering in the GlowStep Revolution line which is what is ultimately driving OEM adoption of this patented step system,” said Kay.