Torklift International is opening a new production facility located in eastern Washington to further expand existing and new lines, and to support a growing OEM segment.

“When the announcement was made at Torklift, the team roared with excitement,” said Torklift President Jack Kay in a press release. “We’ve been looking for a new location to expand into for a couple years and found the perfect location 2 1/2 hours east of our existing facility.”

Both facilities will continue to operate in tandem as part of Torklift’s pre-existing business model.

“All of our new product development happens at our Retail Product Development Center in Kent, Wash., as we have an opportunity to meet with customers one-on-one to achieve their custom fabrication and product needs,” Kay explained. “From there, if our engineering and marketing teams determine there is a viable market for the new product idea, it comes to our Sumner, Wash., production facility to be mass manufactured.”

Over the past several years, Torklift has been challenged to make room in its existing facility to manufacture new product lines as well as build out existing product lines.

“Mature product lines as well as OEM product lines will be the first product lines to be considered during this expansion to the eastern Washington facility,” explained Kay. “The expansion of these mature lines opens up production space in our Sumner facility for new product development and mass manufacturing refinement.”

Torklift has a goal of releasing five to 10 new products per year and expects to be in operation in its new facility during fourth quarter of 2019.