Torklift is now offering a 30-day money back guarantee to retail customers on all StableLoad suspension upgrades.

“We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on our StableLoads because we believe in this product and so do our customers,” said Torklift President Jack Kay in a press release. “We want our customers to try the product for themselves to experience the dramatic improvement with StableLoad when towing and hauling.”

StableLoads are a suspension upgrade that improves safety and handling while towing or hauling. By installing on the truck’s rear leaf spring suspension, StableLoads pre-activate the stabilizing effects built in the existing factory leaf stabilizing overload springs, controlling side-to-side sway, body roll, and bounce. It also decreases stopping distance.

“Many aftermarket products only address one handling or towing issue, making the customer buy multiple suspension products rather than just one,” said Kay. “The StableLoad is the only aftermarket suspension upgrade that works in conjunction with the finely tuned suspension that truck manufacturers have spent millions of dollars and over a hundred years to perfect to ensure a comfortable ride whether towing or not.”

The guarantee applies to StableLoad part numbers A7200, A7202, A7310, A7311, A7301S and A7311S. Torklift provides a refund up to minimum resale price (MRP) with receipt and return of the product if customers wish to return the StableLoads within 30 days of purchasing from a dealership. This offer is valid only for retail customers.

“Overall, we want customers to feel secure with their purchase, satisfied with the product and safer on the road,” said Kay.

For help determining fitment of StableLoads, visit the application guide at www.torklift.com or contact tech support at 800-246-8132 or [email protected] The StableLoad is available to purchase online or in-store through Torklift’s network of Certified Dealers across the country.