Torklift has introduced the first trailer hitch with removable receiver for the Tesla Model 3.

 “Tesla leads the way with unique and highly advanced electric vehicles,” said Torklift President Jack Kay in a press release. “In 2011, we were the first and only manufacturer to come out with the Torklift EcoHitch trailer hitch for the first vehicle Tesla released – the Roadster. Leading in innovation, Torklift is keeping pace with niche and sophisticated accessories for Tesla vehicles moving forward.”

EcoHitch for the Tesla Model 3 is 100% hidden when not in use and comes with a removable receiver. The crosstube of the hitch is installed behind the bumper. The receiver portion can attach and detach. The Model 3 returns to its factory look when not using the accessory to tow or haul.

 “Torklift has a direct line to the needs of customers through our retail product development center in Kent, Wash., and local demand for Tesla Model 3 products has inspired us to innovate,” said Kay. “Our experienced engineering team used the latest in technology to design the accessories people need for their new Model 3 vehicles.”

Other accessories for the Tesla Model 3 include the undercover and the law no-drill license plate bracket.

The undercover is designed to cover up the small access port for the receiver when the hitch adapter is removed, maintaining the factory aerodynamics. It keeps debris or water from coming into the port when the receiver is not installed.  

Torklift also has trailer hitches available for the Tesla Roadster and the Tesla Model S. The undercover is also available for the Model S in two different configurations, one for the pre-refresh Model S and one for the refresh Model S.

Watch the Tesla Model 3 hitch installation at https://youtu.be/nDtgQYxkpxY or learn more by visiting http://www.torkliftcentral.com/tesla.