The Canadian campground where 11 people died in a mid-July tornado partially reopened Aug. 1, but won’t be fully back in business until next May.

“We still are just finishing the clean up,” said Lexy Fisher, co-owner of Green Acres campground, Pine Lake, Alberta. “Half of the park is up and running, the other half isn’t. We turned the overnight sites that weren’t damaged into sites for our seasonal customers. The rest of the campground won’t be open until next season.”

The 500-site park about 90 miles north of Calgary was struck by a tornado early in the evening July 14, overturning trailers and motorhomes, snapping trees and tossing debris into the nearby lake. Some RVs were tossed as far as 200 yards from where they were parked.

The storm also damaged nearby Stony Creek campground and homes in a small subdivision.

No serious injuries were reported other than at Green Acres.

Pine Lake was closed for two weeks while debris, including RVs, were removed.

Fisher said local officials have estimated damage from the storm at $12 million (Canadian). Plans to provide financial aid to the area are pending.

One Canadian dollar is equivalent to almost 68 cents in U.S. currency.