As RV ownership rises to record levels and more travelers want to save by renting, innovative Airbnb-style RV sharing platform Mighway  is”raising the bar in service and consumer protection,” according to a company release.

Mighway, which successfully launched in California and is rolling out nationwide, connects RV owners with travelers. While other RV sharing platforms serve more as booking engines, Mighway assists travelers throughout the road trip and often beyond.

According to Mighway COO Dave Simmons, Mighway offers “more peace of mind.”

“On other RV sharing platforms, we noticed a major lack of service and trip protection that left RV renters vulnerable,” said Simmons. “If issues arise, consumers using basic RV share sites can’t get phone support or adequate road service. Mighway changes the game, offering full emergency road service and $1 million in liability coverage. We also offer a price match guarantee, so renters get more value for their money.”

As part of New Zealand-based Tourism Holdings Limited (thl) – one of the world’s largest commercial operator of rental RVs whose state-side subsidiaries include El Monte RV – Mighway has the experience and connections to create a better peer-to-peer platform, Simmons added.

“One major advantage we offer is we’re the only platform to include commercial rental vehicles in our inventory. This means if a renter breaks down on a weekend, Mighway can not only tow to the next park and repair shop but can often replace the vehicle. It also means you can rent one way if you prefer to drop off in a different location. If you have an issue with an owner, we will take care of it even after the trip is over. Our competitors can’t offer this level of support and flexibility,” Simmons said.

Mighway enters the U.S. market as RV ownership reached a new peak of 8.9 million households in 2017, according to the University of Michigan, increasing competition for RV rentals and benefitting consumers. Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) research indicates that despite fuel costs, RV trips remain cheaper than other travel, offering savings in air, accommodations and restaurants. These savings have helped RV travel grow in the U.S., with RVIA expecting the North American RV rental fleet to grow more than 12 percent in 2017.

Learn more at www.mighway.com.