A 49-year-old German tourist visiting a Canadian campground was attacked for no apparent reason by a thug who bashed him on the back of the head with a hatchet. But the tourist, a 15-year judo expert, turned the tables on the assailant and killed him with his bare hands.
“It’s a horrible way to have a holiday in Canada,” Royal Canadian Mounted Police Staff Sgt. Glen De Goeij told The Calgary Sun after the attack took place in the Mountainview Campground east of Calgary near the TransCanada Highway. Police were investigating a possible motive for the attack.
Campground owner Henry Braeutigam said the German tourist had been camping with his family when the attack occurred, and his daughter witnessed him trying to subdue his attacker. “He yelled to her, ‘Get some string so we can tie his legs,’ ” Braeutigam recalled.
The German, who suffered two axe wounds to the head, was rushed to Peter Lougheed Hospital where he was treated for his injuries and released. Neither the tourist nor the attacker were identified.