It’s late in model year 2000, but the demand for towable RVs continues to be strong, according to Jason Lippert, executive vice president of Lippert Components Manufacturing Inc., a rapidly growing supplier of chassis to the manufacturers of travel trailers, fifth wheels, expandable trailers and folding campers.

The company will open several new manufacturing plants across the U.S. and Canada during the next several weeks in an effort to keep pace with the growth its customers are experiencing.

“Fleetwood and Keystone are our two largest (RV) accounts,” Lippert said. “They’re expanding and we’re trying to keep up.

“Orders are out for four weeks, so it (the market) will continue to be strong,” Lippert continued. “Fifth wheels have tapered off a little, but it’s so strong, to say the market it cooling off would be misleading.”

For 45 years, Lippert was primarily a supplier to the manufactured housing industry, but it entered the RV sector four years ago and has been growing rapidly ever since.

Lippert will soon become the sole supplier of chassis to Fleetwood’s towables operations. The company has chassis assembly plants near all 13 of Fleetwood’s towables plants across the U.S. and Canada, Lippert said.

The company will open a new plant in Goshen, Ind., next week and it will begin powder-coating at that facility beginning in July. It also will open a plant in Middlebury, Ind., in four weeks, a plant in Lindsay Ontario, in June and a plant in Rialto, Calif., in July.

Lippert opened a plant in Denver, Pa., during April, he added.