Dealer inventories remained tight at least through the end of July, as indicated by the fact retail sales of travel trailers, fifth-wheels, folding campers, Class A and Class C motorhomes exceeded the number of those types of units shipped from manufacturers to dealers during that month, according to industry data.
There were 12,659 new travel trailers sold by retail dealers in the U.S. during July, according to Statistical Surveys Inc., while there were 12,200 travel trailer unit shipped by the manufacturers to dealers that month, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).
In the case of fifth-wheels, there were 5,653 units retailed and 5,600 delivered wholesale in July, the two data sources reported.
Class A and Class C motorhomes followed the same pattern, according to Statistical Surveys and the RVIA. Class A motorhome retail sales totaled 3,167 units in July, while 3,000 units were shipped wholesale.
In the case of Class C’s, there were 1,536 units retailed and 1,400 units delivered wholesale.
The retail sales totals for motorhomes did not include sales figures from New Hampshire, according to Statistical Surveys, and independent market research firm.
Folding camper retail also exceeded wholesale shipments by nine units. There were 4,509 folding campers retailed and 4,500 units shipped wholesale in July, according to Statistical Surveys and the RVIA.
Here is how retail sales during the first seven months of this year compared with wholesale deliveries of the major product categories during that period:
• There were 77,042 travel trailers retailed and 77,600 shipped wholesale.
• There were 38,253 fifth-wheels retailed and 38,000 delivered wholesale.
• There were 26,379 folding campers retailed and 29,300 shipped wholesale.
• There were 21,833 Class A motorhomes retailed and 22,700 delivered wholesale.
• There were 9,597 Class C motorhomes retailed and 11,000 shipped wholesale.