Retail sales of travel trailers and fifth-wheels were up marginally in January, when compared with January 2002, according to Statistical Surveys Inc., an independent market research firm.
Meanwhile, retail sales of folding campers and park models both were down sharply in January.
In the case of travel trailers, retail sales increased 1.6% in January in the 47 states from which Statistical Surveys was able to gather data to 4,557 units, compared with 4,484 units sold by dealers in the same 47 states during January 2002.
Statistical Surveys was unable to gather January sales figures from New Hampshire and South Carolina and it does not collect Hawaii’s data.
In the case of fifth-wheels, retail sales increased 0.5% in the 47 states in January to 2,945 units, compared with 2,930 units retailed in the same states a year earlier.
Folding camper retail sales declined 11.2% in January to 727 units, compared with 819 units retailed in the 47 states in January 2002.
Park model retail sales fell 21% in the 47 states to 229 units, compared with 290 units sold by dealers in January 2002.