America’s trend toward becoming more eco-friendly has trickled down to the RV industry, with an Elkhart, Ind., company offering a Certified Green label for environmentally friendly models. 

The Elkhart Truth reported that TRA Certification Inc. developed the new “green” certification in response to recreational vehicle models manufactured by Hollywood Trucks LLC in California. But the list of RV manufacturers with models qualifying for various green certifications includes several popular names, includingAirstream Inc. Coachmen RV, Forest River Inc. and Renegade RV. 

TRA Certification, which specializes in environmentally friendly building practices, has specific standards for environmentally friendly building practices for RVs, and modular, manufactured and conventional homes.

RV manufacturers can earn the new Certified Green designation in ratings from bronze to gold, depending on their vehicles’ indoor air quality and resource, energy and water efficiency. There also is an emerald rating for manufacturers that have taken extra measures to be green.

Manufacturers receive points that are transformed into percentages used to calculate a score that determines which certification level a model receives. To earn an emerald rating, a product must earn at least 50 percent of points in all categories.

“To earn a certain rating, a manufacturer has to be at that level in all categories,” said Mandy Leazenby, TRA Certification’s green program manager. “High percentages in one category don’t cancel out lower ones. It’s kind of an incentive to get the rating up. If a manufacturer is doing poorly in water efficiency and that’s what’s keeping their rating down, they can work on that specifically.”

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