image001TRA Certification has created a new label for off-grid solar-ready RVs, inspired by the Ecoluxe talent trailer, invented and produced by Hollywood Trucks.

Currently there is a “Certified Green” label that encompasses RVs that have earned certifications from Bronze to Gold. There is also the Emerald label for manufacturers that have earned the highest level of green certification.

According to a press release, a third label was recently created for RVs that have earned Emerald certification and are off-grid solar RVs. There are multiple RV manufacturers that offer solar-ready RVs, including Ecoluxe.

The trailer features a patented- pending, Ecoluxe Clean Energy System and is the first of its kind to be installed by a manufacturer. The system allows for the entire RV to be powered by solar and thermal technologies and run “off grid,” thereby saving substantial amounts of fuel and dramatically reducing carbon footprint. It is also virtually silent.

This new label acknowledges the advanced level of sustainability in the RV industry.

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