“Rollin’ On TV” announced that TRA Certification Inc./Certified Green RVs has signed on as a branded sponsor. 

According to a press release, the newest generation of RVers are more environmentally and eco-conscious than ever before, so knowing and understanding what a Certified Green RV is and what the manufacturer has to do to get Green Certification is more important than ever.

Mandy Leazenby, president of TRA Certification, will appear on the show  to get this information out to Dealers, Rvers and the general public utilizing our ‘cross-platform’ capabilities which include television, video and online media. 

The ROTV creative team is already working on some branded conten’ that will be rolling out during season 2 starting in early April.

For information on Certified Green RVs, visit www.certifiedgreenrvs.com. For information on “Rollin’ On TV,” visit www.rollinontv.com