Elkhart, Ind.-based TRA Certification Inc. announced the Green Certification of the world’s first line of luxury “talent trailers” fueled 100% by clean power. The 46-foot long Ecoluxe fifth-wheel is manufactured by DRV Luxury Suites, Howe, Ind., exclusively for Louisiana-based Hollywood Trucks.

According to a press release, the RV is the most ecologically friendly towable of its kind, running on an advanced combination of solar and thermal technologies. It also has hybrid backup generators for emergencies that can use B20 bio-diesel or ultra-clean, renewable synthetic diesel. Other green features include energy-efficient LED lighting, countertops made from post-consumer recycled plastics, and a wrap-around couch covered in eco-friendly fabric.

The interior is set off by mirrored walls and features a 72-inch Samsung flat-screen smart TV with 3-D surround sound, iPads, iMacs, Nest CO2/smoke detectors, Apple TV, Direct TV, Sony Playstations, and high-speed Internet, with all wireless components controlled by a smart device. The top-of-the-line fifth wheel model was designed under the direction Hollywood Trucks CEO Andre Champagne and a team of industry professionals.

“When I first saw the Ecoluxe I was amazed,” said Mandy Leazenby, green program manager for TRA Certification, one of the RV industry’s leading certifying agencies for green RV construction. “Ecoluxe has set a new standard for the entertainment transportation industry by proving that you don’t need to sacrifice luxury to create an environmentally friendly product. It’s truly a new lesson in what’s possible with green design for this kind of unit.

“All RVs that DRV Luxury Suites produces are green certified to the Gold level. We are in the process of certifying the Ecoluxe line to the Emerald level, the highest green certification level for RVs.”

“Hollywood Trucks started beta testing the first Ecoluxe trailers only last year, and we have been very excited by the favorable response from the entertainment community,” said Champagne. “Our team of industry experts built the Ecoluxe trailer from the ground up, keeping only the most luxurious, green, and technologically advanced features in mind. This allows our clients to enjoy a truly comfortable experience while productions save money on fuel and drastically reduce their total environmental impact. We’re proud to be a leader in our industry’s continued support of eco- friendly best practices through technological advancements.”