Although the national Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) has been at odds occasionally with the Texas Recreation Vehicle Association (TRVA), especially over Texas franchise laws, the two trade associations worked together this summer to pass a new law that exempts RVs from the Lone Star State’s width laws in regard to awnings, vents and handrails.
“The passage is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when state RV associations work together with RVIA,” said new TRVA Executive Director Clark McEwen. “While we will not agree on every issue, when we do have common interests, we are much more effective working together.”
Under the new law, “appurtenances” will no longer be included when calculating the 102-inch width of vehicles allowed on Texas roads.
RVIA did the research, drafted the bill and developed the rationale to change the law, while McEwen did the up-front lobbying before the Texas General Assembly.
The new law was signed by Gov. Rick Perry on June 20.