Trailer Life magazine has announced the launch of its new RVing video website titled TrailerLife.TV.

The new website is in response to the growing demand for video-based RVing video tips and techniques, according to a news release. TrailerLife.TV compliments the publication by providing hands-on demonstrations of some of the most popular RVing topics. Included on the site are original how-to videos on topics including parts and repair, water systems, gas and electric, appliances and maintenance.

“We recognized that RVers are getting more and more of their information from the Internet and there is continued growth in the number of RVing videos on the Internet,” said Steve Hedlund, president of GS Media & Events. “However, much of the video content on the web is low quality or advertisement driven. We saw an opportunity to fill this gap with high-quality, technique driven videos that help RVers make the most of their time on the road.”

Hedlund said that new original video content is continually being created and added to the website so there is fresh video content to be viewed weekly. The video content covers topics for those new to RVing as well as information for seasoned veterans of the road.