Editor’s Note: The following article detailing a road test with TAXA Outdoor’s Mantis Trek appears in the August issue of Trailer Life Magazine.

One of the beauties of owning a travel trailer is being able to bug out at a moment’s notice to escape the pressures of day-to-day life and relax somewhere quiet while still enjoying a comfortable shelter. For many outdoorsy types, the ideal getaway trailer needs to be light in weight so it can be towed easily by a four-wheel-drive SUV or a midsize pickup and small enough to tuck into tight spots. To have the freedom to camp wherever the road may lead, the trailer also needs to be self-contained and offer the conveniences of home, though pared down. And it doesn’t hurt if it has great eye appeal.

Those are the very virtues that catch your attention when seeing the newest and largest offering in TAXA Outdoors’ lineup of adventure-style trailers, the Mantis Trek. Its “NASA-inspired” exterior design, with a subdued gray-and-matte-black paint scheme over an aluminum-skinned body, makes it look like the CIA might use it when setting up camp in some remote location. Drop down its four stabilizer legs and pop up the tented roof, and in silhouette it does, to some degree, resemble a praying mantis.

The Mantis Trek weighs just shy of 3,000 pounds dry, and in travel mode measures 19 feet long and a couple inches under 7 feet high, making it an easy tow behind many of today’s SUVs, Jeeps and midsize pickups. Its sleek, low-profile design helps maximize towing fuel economy, while the pop-up roof provides ample interior headroom for moving around the living quarters.

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