Trailer Valet has released a video to promote its recently introduced XL-Pro. According to a press release, he XL-Pro can tow up to 12,000 pounds in trailer weight and comes stocked with a built-in, 60-volt brushless drill.

“We really want to target the power-user, someone who has to move multiple trailers quickly and often,” said Ted Chen, founder of Trailer Valet. “A lot of these potential users are professionals – people who move RVs at dealerships, renovate campers, or move units down a manufacturing line. They need something powerful and reliable, and that won’t get in the way.”

In an effort to create a marketing campaign geared for these users, Trailer Valet partnered with Mike Thompson’s RV, a local dealer in southern California where the company is based.

“We have a generous offering of all types of towable RVs from many different manufacturers, so we were happy to have the Trailer Valet team test the XL-Pro on 9,000- to 12,000-pound trailers,” said Ray Schwantner, director of parts at Mike Thompson’s RV.

The final promotional video can be viewed on YouTube here.