Remote-controlled cars can seem pretty boring now that we have personal, semi-autonomous drones. But RC vehicles that are stuck on the ground are a lot more interesting when they can tow up to 9,000 pounds behind them — and that’s what Trailer Valet’s RVRrobot is capable of doing.

The RVR, which recently started shipping, is a surprisingly compact remote-control vehicle that can attach to a trailer so that you can move, turn, and park it without hooking it up to a truck or something comparable in size. The RVR moves using a pair of treads, and Trailer Valet says it’s capable of moving over dirt and grass as well as paved roads.

Now, look, is a trailer-moving robot the most exciting robot in the world? Definitely not. But I had no idea that for $2,100 it was possible to buy a miniature tank that pulls things around for you. At that base price, you get an RVR capable of towing 3,500 pounds. For $3,400, you get a model that can handle 5,500 pounds. And for $4,100, you get an RVR capable of moving 9,000 pounds. They each have an estimated 30 minutes of battery life.

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