TrailManor Inc. partially attributes its ability to outperform the market in a depressed economy to a longstanding commitment to Internet marketing.
According to a press release, the Lake City, Tenn.-based builder said that more than a decade ago it began showcasing its line of lightweight, folding travel trailers on the Internet and has continued to grow its web presence.
“We have invested significant amounts of time in tweaking the site to boost page rankings among search engines and also buying keyword search,” said Keith Hulsey, vice president of sales and marketing. “The site is routinely updated.”
Hulsey said the TrailManor site currently averages more than 9,100 unique visitors per day, with each visitor viewing nearly 10 pages of information. Accordingly, it has resulted in increased sales.
“The Center for Media Research notes that more than 70% of initial, meaningful contacts between a customer and a company now come through its website,” Hulsey said. “People don’t have time to visit a lot of dealerships, so they’re looking online first. We know we have to be there, and we know how well that pays off for our dealers.”
Hulsey noted that TrailManor has a detailed program for working with dealers to maximize the value of web leads.
Another key for the company has been fuel efficiency as TrailManor trailers can be towed by properly equipped SUVs, minivans, and crossovers. “It only takes about one extra gallon to tow a TrailManor 100 miles,” said Hulsey.