TrailManor logoIn a release posted on Facebook, TrailManor Manufacturing Co. LLC announced the company is moving its Tennessee manufacturing operations to Nebraska, where it will consolidate the manufacturing of their classic collapsible models with the manufacturing of the new TrailManor RISE travel trailers.

The facility in Nebraska is much larger and more suited for their business, plus the state provides incentives that make the move promising, company officials said.

“It was a difficult decision, change isn’t always easy,” said TrailManor Marketing Director Cleo Jean Eickhoff, who owns the business with her husband, Bob Eickhoff.

Eickhoff added that some of the Tennessee employees are currently in Nebraska working, and others may relocate there. Several employees are retiring, some have found positions elsewhere and TrailManor is working with a local organization to assist others to find employment.

TrailManor manufactures unique collapsible trailers that offer easy towing and when open have all the amenities of an upright trailer including a full kitchen, full bath, lots of living space and hard sidewalls for safety and year-around camping.

TrailManor began manufacturing travel trailers in Lake City, Tenn., in 1983. In 2011 new owners moved the company to Jacksboro, Tenn.

TrailManor’s service department will remain in Tennessee – at a new location just a few miles from the Jacksboro Plant. Plans are to expand the service to other campers as well as the TrailManor units.