TrailManor Inc. has changed its sales organization and has put three regional sales managers into place to serve its growing North American dealer base.

“This will enhance dealer support and improve our efficiency,” said Keith Hulsey, vice president of sales and marketing of the Lake City, Tenn.-based company. “We have been fortunate to team up with three experienced, professional regional managers, and their presence is already making a difference for our company—and more importantly — our dealer network.

TrailManor’s new regional sales managers are:

  • Tony Sirpilla (East Coast and Eastern Canada territories).
  • Rick Moon (Midwest territory).
  • Bob Eickhoff (Western United States and Western Canada territories).

“Tony, Rick and Bob are well known to RV dealers around the country, and they are veterans of our industry. They’ve helped dealers during the downturn, and they have the skills to help build business now that things are turning around,” Hulsey said. “

Since 1983, TrailManor has been manufacturing unique lightweight travel trailers. In 2009, the company introduced its first upright travel trailer, the Elkmont, a 24-foot trailer that is 1,500 pounds lighter than similar competitive models.

TrailManor also produces a line of hardwall folding trailers that provide the easy towing of a folding camping trailer with the amenities of upright trailers, such as a hardwall bathroom with tub, a complete kitchen with oven, a three-way refrigerator and designer fabrics. A folding TrailManor can be opened as easily as opening a car trunk.

All TrailManor models can be towed by properly-equipped minivans, crossovers, or sport utility vehicles.

For more information, visit the company’s website, www.trailmanor.com, or call (800) 707-7061.