Transfer-Flow-40-gallon-auxiliary-fuel-tank-768x395Transfer Flow has introduced a 40-gallon in-bed auxiliary fuel tank system compatible with most full-size diesel trucks, including half ton pickups with utility beds, RamBox equipped trucks, or those with a factory installed fifth-wheel prep package.

The company reported in a press release that the fuel system’s low height also allows it to fit under most standard tonneau bed covers.

The 40-gallon fuel tank operates with Transfer Flow’s automatic fuel transfer TRAX 3 technology. Fuel is pumped — not gravity fed — from the auxiliary tank to the main tank at pre-determined fuel levels while the vehicle is in operation. The system comes with a dash-mounted LCD display that shows the percentage of fuel in each tank while also notifying drivers when a fuel transfer is in progress.

The 40-gallon fuel tank is manufactured from American-made 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior durability and strength. The patent pending design has a recessed cover box where the fuel tank sending unit, rollover valve and fuel filter comes preassembled. It’s powder coated for a durable satin black finish, has internal baffles to prevent fuel slosh, and comes complete with all parts needed for installation.

For more information on Transfer Flow’s 40-gallon in-bed auxiliary fuel tank system, call 530-893-5209 or 800-442-0056, or visit transferflow.com.