Shipments of travel trailers and fifth-wheels were down again in June, but by smaller percentages than was the case earlier this year, according to data gathered by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).

However, the shipments deficit for folding campers and truck campers expanded in June, according to the RVIA report.

Travel trailer deliveries from manufacturers to dealers were down 11% in June to 9,700 units, when compared with the 10,900 units shipped during June 2000.

That represents improvement over the 17.3% decline in travel trailer shipments during the first half of this year, to 56,000 units.

Meanwhile, fifth-wheel shipments were down 5.9% in June to 4,800 units while fifth-wheel deliveries were down 16.6% during the first half of this year to 28,700 units.

But folding camper and truck camper shipments followed a different pattern.

Folding camper deliveries were down 24.4% in June to 3,400 units and folding camper shipments were down 22.8% during the first half of this year to 23,300 units. Truck camper deliveries declined 18.2% in June to 900 units and truck camper shipments were down 16.9% during the first half of this year to 5,400 units.