Trim-Lok Inc., a supplier of thermo-plastic and thermoset rubber profile extrusions, announced several new initiatives for sealing recreational vehicles. 

“Understanding the need for sound representation and high quality personnel, Trim-Lok has begun to build our team around highly skilled people in sales, operations and manufacturing to support the growth of our Midwest operation,” stated Dan Whitener, vice president and COO, in a press release. “We began the journey in the Midwest to support the greater Elkhart market as well as solidify our presence east of the Mississippi. Because of the growth we have seen outside of the RV marketplace, we made bold moves to further our growth. Because of this, we are announcing two key partnerships to support the growth initiatives.” 

Whitener continued, “With the several patented designs as well as the multitude of standard products we have to offer the industry, we understand we need a team in place to promote our best in class products, quality and personnel. To that end we have hired Marc Maloney as general manager of our Midwest facility. He brings years of experience in the rubber and plastic arena as well as first-hand experience in the RV Industry having worked within the industry for 20-plus years.”

Maloney stated, “Understanding the sales cycle in the RV industry and the need for partners with a keen understanding of the industry, we have entered into an exclusive partnership with Future Sales Inc. We believe co-owners Kelly Moyer’s and Tom Englebert’s team presents the best opportunity to succeed in all areas of the industry.” 

FSI’s Englebert said, “We are excited to partner with Trim-Lok. Their broad breadth of existing product, dynamic time to market and high quality, automotive-grade processes ensure not only our mutual success but will provide a win for the RV OEM’s.”