Editor’s Note: The following article appears in Truck Camper Magazine reporting that Canadian builder Northern Lite is back in production following a devastating fire last February. For the full story and to view photos click here.

The new Northern Lite factory is complete and 2016 Northern Lite truck campers are on the production line and shipping following eleven months of rebuilding.

After a devastating destroyed the Northern Lite factory last February, Northern Lite has completely redesigned and rebuilt their Kelowna, British Columbia, factory and resumed production of their two-piece molded fiberglass truck camper line. Without a doubt, this is the single most impressive feat in modern truck camper industry history.

Northern Lite has also redesigned two of their most popular truck campers from the ground up.  All-new for this year, Northern Lite is introducing the 10-2EX and a reworked 9-6.  That’s a brand new factory and two new campers in eleven months.

The following is a Q&A with General Manager Keith Donkin.

TCM: When was production completed for the new Northern Lite manufacturing facility?

Keith: The building was completed about the middle of November. We moved the offices over from our temporary location on Nov. 28. About three weeks before that the production team was building work benches, racking, and tools.

In December, we started official production in the glass shop with the Northern Lite 8-11 model.  As that first camper progressed through each station, our team tested and verified every jig and process.  The first Northern Lite camper from our new factory was completed and shipped the first week in January.  It’s as good or better as any camper we’ve ever built.

For the full story and to view photos click here.