Editor’s Note: The following article appears in Truck Camper magazine detailing Hallmark RV’s new flatbed popup camper, including a Q&A with Matt Ward.

Hallmark RV has debuted the 2018 Hallmark Nevada, a long bed 8 1/2-foot flatbed popup truck camper for full-size trucks with two fresh tanks and two grey tanks.

Many truck camper enthusiasts have wondered about the possibilities of a flatbed approach. By eliminating the pickup sidewalls and wheel wells, you would have a wide open platform. That means more floor space, more storage, and more design opportunities for dinettes, bathrooms, kitchens.  Of course you also lose the versatility of a standard pickup truck. That’s the flatbed compromise.

Customers have asked Hallmark RV about a flatbed pop-up truck campers for many years.  While it may seem like a no-brainer to give customers what they want, Hallmark’s unique molded fiberglass construction does not allow for quick or easy new model development. To be blunt, new fiberglass molds are a very costly investment. And getting a new model right takes a considerable amount of management and production time.

Consumer demand for a flatbed finally eclipsed these concerns this past fall.  It started when three separate Hallmark customers placed orders for a flatbed model. With even more customer interest in the pipeline, Hallmark had the impetus to design a new camper and build the required flatbed fiberglass molds. The result of this considerable effort is the all-new 2018 Hallmark Nevada.

There are a few firsts attached to this new camper. The Nevada is the first flatbed Hallmark and the first truck camper that we know of with dual fresh water tanks. It’s also really interesting to see how the flatbed approach impacted the storage and utility of this full-size pop-up camper.

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