Truck Camper Magazine recently polled Truck Camper Magazine readers about whether or not the truck camper manufacturers should install televisions and television antennas – and about their television and show watching habits.

The response was stunning in several ways. First, we had nearly 1,000 people take the poll (957 to be precise). Truck Camper expects the poll will exceed that threshold.

Second, the results reveal a near 50-50 split in the community; pro-television folks, and anti-television folks. The size of the anti-television group was particularly surprising. Right off the bat, 54.1-percent state that truck camper manufacturers should not install televisions.

The data flips for the question asking whether truck camper manufactures should install HD-antennas. Based on these first two responses, no truck camper manufacturer or dealership should build or inventory truck campers with televisions as standard. With only 50% of truck camper customers wanting a television, they should only be offered as a dealer-installed or custom-ordered option.

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