Truck-cap sales were essentially flat in 2002, which might be a sign that the three-year decline is over, according to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA).
Truck-cap sales totaled 285,434 units during 2002, a 0.7% decline from the 287,479 units sold during 2001, SEMA reports, citing Truck Cap & Accessory Alliance (TCAA) data.
Fiberglass caps accounted for 90% of all truck caps sold last year, or 255,740 units, according to SEMA. Aluminum caps accounted for 29,694 units sold last year, or about 10%.
The truck-cap market still has a ways to go to recover to 1999 levels, SEMA reports. In 1999, there were 367,183 truck caps sold, and that figure declined to 316,803 units during 2000.
However, SEMA believes the 2002 data is a positive sign for the truck-cap market given last year’s soft economic conditions.