A trucking company is accusing Somerset, Pa.-based FTCA Inc., formerly Fleetwood Folding Trailers, of failing to pay its bills.
The Daily American reported that Kansas Logistics and NKC Transportation has filed lawsuits against FTCA Tuesday, asking for unpaid debt.
Both lawsuits say that beginning on Sept. 12, the companies delivered travel trailers for FTCA across the country. The parties agreed on a price, according to court documents, but FTCA failed to pay for services totaling more than $160,000. The companies charged about $2.25 a mile for delivery.
The invoices were sold to a factor, which, according to Somerset attorney David Flower, is a business that makes loans on business invoices. The factor, Marquette Transportation Finance, charged the companies $6,678.68 in fees for non-payment by FTCA.
Flower, who is representing both Kansas Logistics and NKC Transportation in the suit, said he does not comment on pending litigation. The companies are asking for a total of $169,440.61 plus interest.
FTCA, a unit of Blackstreet Capital, purchased the Somerset trailer manufacturing company from Fleetwood Enterprises in May. Blackstreet is a private equity fund based in Bethesda, Md.
Aldus Chapin, Blackstreet Capital managing director, did not respond to a request for comment.
FTCA is in the midst of a labor dispute with United Steelworkers Local 2632, which represents workers at the plant. The union claims the company quit negotiating prematurely and offered a contract that would freeze wages, eliminate incentive plans and cut health insurance benefits. The union filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board in November.
In a newspaper advertisement, company officials said the union has “consistently misrepresented both our response and our willingness to negotiate.”
“We have met 10 times with the union representatives, extended the negotiation period twice, requested meetings with the (bargaining) committee members, and only presented our final offer when it was asked for by the bargaining committee,” the advertisement states.
The company said it revised its offer in early February in hope of finding a resolution.