Truma announced the addition of the LevelControl package to its product lineup to improve connectivity in RVs.

According to a press release, the package contains the Truma LevelControl and iNet Box, allowing users to check their gas supply precisely and conveniently via the free Truma app. The Truma LevelControl uses ultrasound to measure the gas level in the cylinder and transmits the data via the iNet Box to the user’s smartphone or tablet.

RVers get a detailed overview of their gas level as a percentage and in weight, as well as an indication of how long the gas will last.

In addition, RVers can control their Truma or Alde heater and the Truma air conditioning systems with the app, as well as operate the automatic climate control and check the vehicle or device status. This can be done in or near the vehicle with Bluetooth or via SMS if the user is outside the Bluetooth range.

The SMS alert functions inform users when the temperature in their mobile home gets too hot or cold, when the on-board voltage falls below a certain value, or when the gas cylinder is nearly empty.

The LevelControl Set is available from all Truma distributors.