The Trump administration and congressional leaders, including Democrats, have reached a critical debt and budget agreement that all but eliminates the risk of another government shut down this fall – but that has already drawn fierce blowback from fiscal conservatives worried about overspending, as well as progressives unhappy with where the money could go.

Fox News reported that the deal announced Monday (July 22) evening, which requires congressional approval, would increase spending caps by $320 billion relative to the limits prescribed in the 2011 Budget Control Act, whose spending-control provisions have been repeatedly waived since 2014. It also would suspend the debt ceiling and permit more government borrowing until July 31, 2021 — after the next presidential election.

The compromise reportedly outraged Democrat Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, the ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, who noted the bill would not block Trump from spending money on his proposed border wall.

“I’m worried the House is willing to give him far too much discretion to take money and move it anywhere he wants including a wall,” Leahy, D-Vt., told The Washington Post. “So the way it is now I will not vote for it. . . . The other 99 can vote for it, I won’t.”

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