Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 8.16.34 AMTumbleweed Tiny House Co., builders of the “house-like” RVs, has been Certified Green by TRA Certification. According to a press release, the Colorad0 Springs, Colo.-based builder will begin labeling its homes with TRA’s green label, having earned the Bronze level of certification.

TRA Certification reported that Tumbleweed earned high marks for resource efficiency with a manufacturing facility that recycles multiple materials, down to the smallest pieces of wood and wire. The company also utilizes rapidly renewable flooring such as bamboo and cork, having a much smaller impact on natural resources. Nitrogen-filled tires offer more consistent air pressure and increased fuel economy for the trip to the RV’s home base. In addition, Tumbleweed plants a tree for each RV registration.

image002In the category of energy efficiency, Tumbleweed utilizes LED lighting and zonal heating, which eliminates the need for ductwork. Windows are energy efficient and comply with the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code in all U.S. climate zones. As for water efficiency, the homes contain low-flow faucets in the kitchen and bathroom while the showerhead is also low-flow. What packs the greatest punch in the water efficiency category for Tumbleweed is the composting toilet that comes standard. The amount of water saved from these low-flow and no-flow fixtures greatly impacts water conservation.

Contributing to healthy indoor air quality, Tumbleweed eliminates the use of all carpeting in its homes, as it can easily trap contaminants. All cabinetry is certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Environmental Stewardship Program. These tiny homes have raw pine walls and ceilings which are unstained and contain no added formaldehyde. Finally, before a home is shipped, it is wiped clean with all natural, nonoff-gassing cleaners.

For more information on Tumbleweed Tiny House Company visit www.tumbleweedhouses.com. For more information on Tumbleweed’s green certification, visit www.certifiedgreenrvs.com/tumbleweed or contact Mandy Leazenby at (800) 398-9282.