Tuson RV Brakes (TRVB) announced the launch of a new website for its line of brake and towing safety products, including a new RF wireless camera system.

“We have worked hard to improve our RF Wireless Camera System before we decided to release it,” the company said in a release. “The complaint we heard from other RF camera systems users was that the wireless camera signal strength was a problem, so we changed two features to improve our system.

“We now use longer antennas to improve signal strength. Secondly, we doubled the camera’s RF signal strength from our original design.”

The RF wireless camera system is easy to install and includes a 7-inch high-definition video monitor with a 12-volt DC accessory power plug. It is also equipped with an LED light, allowing the user to illuminate the camera subject in low light conditions, and a microphone

RF wireless camera systems are in stock at TRVB’s Tuson Vernon Hills, Ill., facility.