Two veteran Fleetwood plant general managers will retire at the end of October, company President Nelson Potter announced during Fleetwood’s national dealer meeting in Nashville, Tenn.

Loren Schmidt, manager of Plant 47 in Riverside, Calif., and Frank Subasic, manager of Plant 14 in Winchester, Va., and Plant 28 in Hancock, Md., will retire after working for Fleetwood for decades.

Schmidt has 34 years experience and Subasic has 29 years experience at Fleetwood, Potter said.

The retirements of Schmidt and Subasic were announced Monday during a ceremony honoring all of the company’s factory general managers. Potter said the plant general managers are “the behind-the-scenes people who add value to the corporation.”

The timing of the retirements caught several Fleetwood employees by surprise. No replacements for Schmidt or Subasic were named during the ceremony Monday.

Prior to Fleetwood’s dealer meeting, Senior Vice President Paul Bingham said the company will go through a management re-structuring “to fit the organization to current market conditions.”