California RV, a two-location Southern California dealership, has closed, according to the Ventura County Star newspaper of Ventura, Calif.

California RV closed its operation in Camarillo during April, and the company’s location in Acton also is closed, according to the newspaper.

Michael Withrow owned the two dealerships and the newspaper was unsuccessful in its attempts to reach him.

The California RV operation in Camarillo opened last September, according to Steve Thomas, who leased the property to Withrow’s firm.

Thomas’ property in Camarillo also was the location of a Destination RV dealership, which operated from January until June of last year.

Destinations RV was a four-location dealership group which also had two sales and service facilities in Oregon and one in Washington. The company abruptly closed its three-remaining locations last December and it filed bankruptcy in February.

Thomas’ Camarillo property also was the site of a Holiday World RV dealership which closed early in 1999.

Thomas, the owner of a BMW auto dealership, told the newspaper that “in the near future” he, most likely, will use the Camarillo property for a Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet or Ford auto dealership.