Due to increased demand, the RV Technician Distance Learning Program, supported by Northampton Community College and the Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association (PRVCA), is offering two courses in March. RV Water Heaters (Beta 6018) will run March 26 through April 22, and RV Plumbing Systems (Beta 6011) will run March 26 through April 29.

According to a press release, RV Water Heaters will identify the various types of RV water heaters and their individual components moves quickly into the proper installation procedures. Operational problems are then dissected and repair procedures are studied to perfection. After successful completion of this course the student will effectively be able to:

• Identify the different water heater types.

• Explain the theory of operation and combustion.

• Obtain model specifications.

• Identify the advantage of a heat exchange and verify flow.

• Identify special tools and their use.

• Identify related terminology.

• Identify components and their functions.

• Diagnose common operational problems and determine causes.

• Repair and/or replace faulty components.

• Determine interchangeability of models.

• Install water connection

• Determine AC and DC electrical requirements and connect.

• Determine LP requirements and connect.

• Verify proper operation.

• Perform preventive maintenance procedures.

• Identify and apply codes and standards


RV Plumbing Systems will allow students to identify and appreciate all types of plumbing systems associated with both fresh water and waste water systems. The various types of plastics used are discussed as are the various system tests mandated by RVIA. A detailed look into the recommended winterization processes is also a focus. The student will have a complete understanding of how the RV incorporates the entire spectrum of fresh water and waste management. After successful completion of this course the student will also effectively be able to:

• Identify the various RV plumbing systems.

• Identify, troubleshoot and repair the drainage systems.

• Identify listed and approved plumbing components.

• List the differences between the demand system and the pressure system.

• Perform cutting and cementing of ABS piping.

• Identify fresh water and waste water system components.

• Test fresh water plumbing system using a pressure gauge.

• Identify and utilize plumbing system special tools.

• Identify and connect all types of plastic piping (PEX, PB, CPVC).

• Identify, utilize and leak-proof the various plumbing fittings used in RVs

• Identify and repair/replace the types of plastic tanks used in the plumbing systems.

• Demonstrate the basics of plastic welding.

• Identify demand water pump components.

• Troubleshoot, test, repair/install water pumps.

• Locate and utilize low point drain valves.

• Identify, troubleshoot and repair water leaks in fresh water system and waste water system.

• Repair holding tanks and fresh water containers.

• Troubleshoot and rebuild faucets, drain components and termination assemblies.

• Identify the various types of RV toilets.

• Troubleshoot, repair/replace RV toilets, fixtures and fittings.

• Perform fixture flood level and flow tests.

• Identify the methods used to winterize RVs.

• Prepare a coach for winter storage (winterize).

• Identify codes and standards applicable to fresh water systems and waste water systems.

PRVCA member employees will receive 50% reimbursement on tuition after successful completion of a course. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate that can be faxed to the PRVCA office at 717-303-0297 and a check for 50% of the courses tuition will be mailed to the student. It’s that simple. All of the courses are RVIA-approved and feature competency-based instruction, assignments and testing. The courses can also go towards RVIA/RVDA recertification credits. RV Water Heaters qualifies for 18 credit hours and RV Plumbing Systems qualifies for 24 credit hours.

For more information on how the program works, call the PRVCA office at 888-303-2887. To register for the courses, call Northampton Community College at 1-877-543-0998.