Buying a new motorhome will soon become a safer proposition in the U.K. thanks to arrival of The Consumer Rights Act on Oct. 1. Out & About Live reported that the new rules include having 30 days to completely reject a purchase and demand a refund if it is found to be poor quality, not fit the purpose it was described for or if it doesn’t match the description given.

It aims to simplify and enhance consumer purchasing rights by streamlining complicated law from eight different pieces of legislation into one. It will also introduce a range of new rights for consumers including a 30-day time period to return faulty goods. The new law will apply directly to purchases of motorhomes.

Ex-Business Secretary Vince Cable said in March, “This is the biggest shake up of consumer law for a generation.”

The departed Consumer Affairs Minister Jo Swinson said, “For too long consumers and businesses have struggled to understand the complicated rules that apply when buying goods and services. That is why the Consumer Rights Act is so important in setting out clear and updated consumer rights for goods and services.”

The key points cover four areas: Supply of goods, consumer options, deductions for use and supply of services.

The original rule that goods must be of satisfactory quality, fit for the purpose described and match their actual description is retained. Where the goods fail any of these tests and so can be considered defective the consumer is entitled to either a 30-day, right  to reject (after which they can’t), or tiered remedies where the consumer can ask the supplier to repair or replace the goods.

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