WildAx aims to allow the Pulsar to be useful for commuting or camping.

WildAx aims to allow the Pulsar to be useful for commuting or camping.

Not every family has the budget for a full-blown Class A, B or C motorhome for weekend and holiday use. One of the European options gizmag.com reported it has seen a lot of lately is the Class B that can effectively double as an everyday people or cargo hauler.

The Volksleisure and Horizon Multi Concept Vehicle are two such dual purpose-built vans, and now the folks at WildAx Motorhomes have their own idea on how to give the van a split personality. With their Pulsar, they’ve added a kitchen and bathroom to the back of a Citroën Relay, leaving a roomy, uncluttered four-person cabin for everyday driving.

The camper vans that the site has covered in depth or peeked inside of at the likes of the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon or Overland Expo tend to have a kitchen unit mounted along one of the rear cabin walls. So, if you plan to use the van for any type of everyday driving, you have a useless kitchen taking up cabin space. Even the aforementioned Volksleisure and Horizon MCV vans are set up this way.

With the Pulsar, U.K.-based WildAx reshuffles the deck, placing all the overnighting equipment in the back while keeping the cabin simple and streamlined. In place of the typical rear bench, the Pulsar has independently mounted left and right seats, opening up a central aisle to the kitchen and bathroom in back. Outside of its lack of extra seats, the rear cabin looks as roomy and comfortable for everyday driving as any standard van, with no unnecessary sinks, refrigerators or dual-burner stoves taking up leg or elbow room.

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