There’s probably a first-quarter hangover right around the corner, but it looks like 2016 U.S. auto sales may set a new record after all, by the thinnest of margins.

Forbes reported that U.S. automakers will report sales for December 2016 and for the full year of 2016 on Wednesday (Jan. 4).

J.D. Power and LMC Automotive said in their latest jointly developed December auto sales forecast they expect 2016 sales to beat last year’s record by about 5,000 units, or about 0.03% out of a total of 17.5 million.

Jeff Schuster, senior vice president of forecasting at LMC Automotive, said it will come down to a “photo finish,” whether 2016 sets a new record.

Separately, Kelley Blue Book predicted 2016 sales would fall short of last year’s record by about 0.1%. Either way, call it flat, statistically. Still, that’s better than forecasters expected a few months ago.

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