The University of Georgia has banned RV parking on the campus stadium parking lot during football games, according to the Athens Banner-Herald.
University officials say they’ve run out of parking spaces for the crush of RVs that – in the past – would start packing into the Athens campus lots as early as midweek before a Saturday football game.
Since last season, construction has claimed 1,400 parking spaces and the addition of 5,500 seats to Sanford Stadium means an extra 1,200 drivers will be looking for somewhere to park.
Members of two motorhome clubs that support the school’s football team will be allowed to park in lots near the UGA intramural fields, less than a mile from the stadium, for a fee of $300 a season and $50 per game, UGA Associate Athletic Director Claude Felton said.
The roughly 150 club members were provided the close-in parking because the clubs made financial contributions to the athletic department as a group, Felton said. The closest nonmembers can get will be the defunct Kmart on Atlanta Highway, slightly less than three miles away. There they can catch a university shuttle bus. They’ll also have to pay $50 per game.
However, the decision to separate club RVers from nonclubbers is “discriminatory,” said Cheryl Williams of Warrenton.
She and her husband were so angered that they sold their season tickets. In a letter to the editor of the Athens Banner-Herald, she wrote that university officials may notice that “contributions for UGA are off next year.”