Ultra-Fab display

Editor’s Note: The following news release was issued by Ultra-Fab Products Inc., based in Elkhart, Ind.

Gone are the days when RV dealers’ parts and accessory stores were dingy areas in poorly lighted corners of the dealership and the products displayed in dusty open boxes or stacked in racks.

Today’s professional store managers have learned valuable lessons by observing top mass merchandizing experts such as Cabella’s, Bass Pro and Gander Mountain. Working with their distributors, these store managers have created attractive stores where the buying public can shop in comfort while easily finding the parts and accessories they need to enhance their RVing experience.

Ultra-Fab Products Inc. (UF) has become an invaluable and visionary partner for store managers as they pass through this evolution by creating four-color merchandising packaging that not only makes their parts and accessory stores more attractive, but also presents to the consumer a total selling package.

Brian Allred, Ultra-Fab’s vice president of sales and marketing, points to UF’s line of manual tongue jacks as an example. He said, “I’ve visited hundreds of dealerships and parts and accessory stores and continue to be amazed how many stores still display other suppliers’ manual tongue jacks in stacks where they can become scratched or damaged. It’s like stepping back in time 20 years.”

Experience has taught Allred that UF’s aftermarket packaging increases store profits and that’s the message he takes to dealership and aftermarket store managers from coast to coast.

Up Selling

UF’s packaging not only tells a complete story of the product inside the box, but also presents related products that might appeal to the customer who purchases the product. This up selling message is designed to increase sales during the purchase or bring them back to the store to buy additional products later.

“Our line of manual tongue jacks is just one of many of our products we offer in aftermarket packaging,” Allred said. “Store managers can stock Ultra-Fab’s products through one of the following distributors: Arrow Distributing, Keystone Automotive, Stagparkway, NTP, Bell and Northern.”

About Ultra-Fab Products

Ultra-Fab Products is a privately held, family-owned business that has been serving RVers and RV manufacturers for more than 60 years. With nearly 150 different products, Ultra-Fab is one of the industry’s most prolific suppliers of OEM and aftermarket products.