Editor’s Note: The following is a report by gizmag reporting on the new Spitfire XT camping trailer developed and built by Bend, Ore.-based Freespirit Recreation. To view the full story along with additional photos click here.

freespirit-recreation-campers-17The idea of overnighting in your vehicle as you travel the countryside is one that has enough timeless romanticism to appeal to everyone from high school graduates delaying the impending weight of everyday responsibility to retirees living out their post-career days to the fullest. When the vehicle is a freeing, nimble motorcycle that lets the open air rush over your skin, the vision of road trip camping only gets better.

Freespirit Recreation brings that vision to life in the form of a 298-pound tent-top trailer light and compact enough to tow with a motorcycle. The aluminum trailer features a four-season canvas popup tent that sleeps two on top of a high-density foam mattress. A set of 750-pound stabilizer jacks keep the tent platform stable at the campground.

Since man doesn’t live on shelter alone, the Spitfire also includes a cargo box below the tent top. The entire lid lifts forward by way of a gas spring system, providing access inside. With 350 pounds (159 kg) of capacity, you can load up the cargo box with sleeping bags, extra clothes, food and whatever else you need for your trip, then hit the open road.

In terms of construction particulars, the Spitfire XT is built from 5052 aluminum. Each rather-stylish-for-a-trailer MB Turbo wheel is attached by way of a 550-pound-rated Flexiride cartridge rubber torsion suspension, which helps keep the ride smooth. The low-profile 205/40R16 Kumho Ecsta AST complement the 12-spoke wheels, looking like a combination you’d see on a sports car rather than a camping trailer. Freespirit says the 8-inch-wide tires give the trailer better tire-road contact, weight displacement and control.

To view the full story along with additional photos click here.