UltraRVproducts.com announced a new online resource specifically designed to provide now defunct Workhorse RV and commercial chassis owners with a complete line of parts along with chassis and technical service manuals.

According to a press release, online customers can quickly search for parts by model when selecting the “Workhorse Parts” drop-down from the main navigation bar. A second listing presents all model years, prompting a listing for all the models in that model year.

Workhorse options range from the P Series to the W series including W16 to W24 and the R26 UFO. Commercial chassis customers will find complete support for the W42 and W62 series chassis as well. UltraRVProducts said it can sources especially hard to find parts with a VIN No. and a description of what part is needed.

UltraRVproducts.com also provides a complete library of service manuals including engine, brake, chassis and electrical wiring diagrams. All of the manuals are immediately downloadable in a PDF format.  As new publications become available, UltraRVproducts.com will provide those in the online library.

Technical support is also available during normal business hours, including weekends. For more information click here.